Resources for Teams

This Page is to help new Recruits get the basics about FIRST Robotics Competition and Their specific Sub Team.

Click Here for Manipulator Presentations From Jumpstart

First a little bit about FIRST.  Core to FIRST Robotics Competition is the concept of Gracious Professionalism.  But that is rather hard to define. For a bit more info you can check out our “What is FIRST?” page.   Scroll down to see resources for the subteams.



Electrical & Pneumatics

Manufacturing Team

Build Team

Marketing Team


Design Team




Programming Team

FIRST Robotics Site with Information on Basics of Java


Electrical and Pneumatic Team

Link to the FIRST Robotics Site information on Electrical (Control) Systems

Manufacturing Team

Link to Site with Safety Videos for FRC


Build Team

Link to Resources from FIRST 

Link to AndyMark’s GearBoxes


Marketing Team

Link to the FIRST Robotics Fundraising ToolKit (info overload)